Estero Boulevard Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Video – March 30, 2022

About the Project

Lee County is celebrating the completion of the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Improvements Project from Crescent Street to the south end of the island.   

reFRESH Estero Boulevard crews began construction in November 2015 to improve all six miles of Estero Boulevard on Fort Myers Beach. Lee County improvements included sidewalks on both sides of the road, trolley stops, drainage improvements on Estero Boulevard, and connection to the Town of Fort Myers Beach’s drainage projects. Sewer force mains, and relocation of existing utilities, including FPL power poles, telephone and cable lines were also completed.

Lee County Department of Transportation  worked with LeeTran to improve trolley stop and crosswalk locations. At some trolley stops, design plans incorporated travel lane shifts where possible that allow vehicles to continue past stopped trolleys. Street lighting at crosswalks will be improved and landscaping opportunities will be included where space is available.

Key Improvements


Sidewalks on both sides of
Estero Boulevard for the entire length

Turn lanes

Center turn lanes along much of the corridor


Trolley pull-offs and stops

Bike Lanes

On-road bike lanes from Red Coconut
RV Park to the south end of the island

Safety Improvements

Safety improvements at crosswalks

Water Drainage

Improved water drainage

Fun Facts

Total linear feet (LF) of storm drainage pipe installed = 47,835LF (9.06 miles)
Total linear feet (LF) of sanitary sewer installed = 22,325LF (4.23 miles)
Total miles of sidewalk installed
= 11.4 miles
Total construction cost
47,835LF (9.06 miles)
22,325LF (4.23 miles)
11.4 miles

Materials From Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Estero Boulevard Photos and Videos

Drone Footage

Photos of Area

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